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We as designers whatever we do we produce social realities and the reality I want to accomplish in my practice is what I call sincere designSincere design is - the dialectic acknowledgment of the designed reality, to whom it will impact society, self, and environment. - Sincere design is the position of matter in the human context (the user), against his activity in social, environmental, and economic situ. – Sincere design is designed and manufactured products that outlaw the economic benefits and are produced and practiced with wellbeing and balance to environment and society. – Sincere design is priced upon the social and environmental impacts in both ends the producer and the consumer




Jordanian, Romanian, British but actually from Palestine, born in Amman and grew up in Bucharest. I moved to London in 2014, to further develop my skills and understanding within art and design, In 2016 I obtained a Level3 certificate in Art&Design at Richmond AC College then to complete a bachelors degree in Three-Dimensional Design at University of The Arts London.

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